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Daisies and Orange SherbetDaisies and Orange Sherbet
Summer Dress in the HillsSummer Dress in the Hills
50s Rockabilly Diner Girl50s Rockabilly Diner Girl
Sophisticated Black Jacquard 50s DressSophisticated Black Jacquard 50s Dress
50s Blue Polka Dot Dress50s Blue Polka Dot Dress
Off the Shoulder 50s Dress at Old Mill FoundationOff the Shoulder 50s Dress at Old Mill Foundation
Welsh Tartan Swing DressWelsh Tartan Swing Dress
Pink Polka Dot Dress + Griffith ObservatoryPink Polka Dot Dress + Griffith Observatory
Vintage Polka Dot Minnie MouseVintage Polka Dot Minnie Mouse
Mad for Plaid Swing DressMad for Plaid Swing Dress